Vasilyev Oleg Vladimirovich was born on August 22nd in the year of 1962 in Moscow.

He graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation in 1993.

The main spheres of activity: Work out and inculcation of energy saving technologies, new information technologies in a wide spectre of usage with elements of control and automation. The production of speaking controllers for distant systems of control and management with a usage of vocal support over the telephone; speaking-books with comments on the material read; a new method of settling the problem of synchronous interpretation has been inculcated, and others.

O. V. Vasilyev discoverd a new direction of the «Technology of Tranquillity» (in 1992).

Publications: the magazine «Inventor and Rationalizer» (2005).

He is a repeatedly participant of the Central T. V. transmissions.

His name entered in the list of the encyclopedia of succesful persons of Russia «Who Is Who in Russia» (2010).

O. V. Vasilyev was awarded with: Oder of Catherine the Great Second Class; Oder of Alexander the Nevsky, Third Class; Order of Marshal Zhukov; Oder of «Fidelity to Fathetrland». There are also government rewards in the sphere of science and for great services to the Fatherland.

Directions of works out: energy saver, savings of natural resources, safety of people and animals` lives, information technologies in the sphere of control and automation and also people’s comfort of life. There is a number of non-taken out patents elaborations.

General constructor of the company «Inventor Oleg Vasilyev and Partners» (created in 2011).

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Patent: No-117655 dated June 27th, 2012. No-128815 dated May 27th, 2013. No-129718 dated June 27th, 2013.

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«Electricity and its unusual properties»